When people think about an island resort, they have a tendency to imagine this mystical place of serene beauty that costs ways more than they could possibly ever afford. In reality, island resorts are common destinations with more than affordable packages. More importantly, they can help take your vacation to the next level by making sure that you have a high-quality experience on your vacation. If you have been considering staying in a normal hotel, we have a few reasons why you should consider this upgrade.

You Get an Amazing Private Experience

The biggest perk of staying on a resort is that often the only people allowed at the resort are other guests. This is a tremendous benefit for a few key reasons. While in the Virgin Islands there are no truly private beaches, in most cases it means that you will get to enjoy a somewhat isolated beach. While there will be other guests, you can safely assume that it will be less crowded than the other popular beaches. These resorts are designed for you to get a full island experience without having to venture too far. You can enjoy drinks and meals all within walking distance from your room. In many cases, these resorts offer exclusives experiences that you can’t get anywhere else on the island. If you want a great vacation without battling the crowds, island resorts are a great thing to try.

virgin islands sailing kids snorkeling with sea turtles

You Will Be Completely Taken Care Of

Another huge benefit of staying on a resort is the fact that your will be completely tended to. There are resort staff-members everywhere who can help you get food, drinks, or even something simple like a towel. These hardworking individuals strive every single day to make sure that the guests have a completely perfect experience. Whether you’re in need of a Painkiller, Pina Colada or cold brew or you want directions to your next exciting Virgin Island Boating Excursions, they have you covered.

zUNZUN SAILING from above
They Can Help You Plan Your Trip

Island resorts are great for helping people to get the most out of their Virgin Island experience. This means that they will not only help you plan exciting ways to pass your time, but they can even give you local insights into what you have already planned.

For example, be sure to book a St Thomas Day Sail tour and take in some great sailing and snorkeling in the Virgin Islands or even a USVI Couple’s Massage on a Yacht. There is not a better group of people to ask about the restaurants you’re considering and the areas that you read about online. They will help you to sort out the best possible vacation if it means booking you a massage or calling you a car to take you to dinner.


Spending time on an island resort is an experience that you will never forget. You can enjoy a full vacation without ever leaving the property, complete with fun, food, drinks, and sunshine. These places take vacationing to an entirely new level. While hotels are designed to just give you somewhere to crash at night, resorts are intended to help you vacation in style, no matter what the looks like for you. The amazing people that work together to make these places so magical are ready to show you the beauty of island life.