Scattering Ashes at Sea Memorials & Ceremonies

Scattering Ashes at Sea, while it’s been around for centuries, has recently become ever more popular among families of the dearly-departed.  It’s particularly popular in the Caribbean, especially if the deceased had spent any joyful and rewarding time in these prestige waters.

Scattering Ashes at Sea Ceremonies in the Virgin Islands and surrounding Caribbean waters is considered by many throughout the world to be much more natural and comforting for your loved ones versus traditional, terrestrial burials.

Soon after the cremation and receipt of the ashes, many are ready to provide loved one with ceremonies and memorials that he or she deserves – and often requested by his or her final wishes.

U.S. law does allow for the scattering of ashes at sea yet specific conditions must be met, including: use of decomposable flowers or wreaths; certain notification requirements; ensuring that ashes are scattered at several nautical miles from shore; etc.

To scatter your loved one’s cremated remains by boat, you and your family and close friends board the vessel and travel to the desired location on the Caribbean Sea. After arriving at the precise location, the Captain will position the vessel into the wind and with adequate forward-speed to prevent the remains from being blown into the vessel. Then the ceremony and memorial can begin. Ceremonies often ranges from clergy reciting prayers to family-members recounting stories or reading favorite poetry to a few poignant and memorable quips and comments and everything in between.

Of course, family-members and close friends have the option to scatter the cremains if they so choose. The cremains are carefully and respectfully placed in the water and allowed to descend into the Sea. Cremation Society of America may be consulted if you would like to learn more about processes.

Often immediately following the above tribute, family-members and close friends are often handed flowers or even bouquets they can toss into the Sea to accompany the cremains to create an area of the ceremony. The Captain can then circle the area while the Family and friends take photos and say their final goodbyes.

Private Ash Scattering

Starting at $1290 (up to 6 guests)

Virgin Islands Private Ash Scattering Ash Scattering is a private cruise for up to six passengers. A perfect tribute to the dearly-beloved’s life well-lived and the ultimate celebration of their impact on the world! Zunzun Sailing Yacht will provide fresh flowers and a special customized Burial-at-Sea Certificate which is handed to you immediately after the private ceremony. Be sure to order enough certificates for all your family-members and close friends.

Unattended Ash Scattering

Starting at $490

Virgin Islands Unattended Ash Scattering is designed for those choosing to have us take care of everything for a respectful service in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. This includes a special customized Burial-at-Sea certificate demonstrating the scattering with fresh flowers and several photographs capturing the ceremony. Be sure to order enough certificates for all your family-members and close friends.


  • Customized Video – detailing your loved ones’ rich and dynamic life as well as the Burial-at-Sea Ash Scattering memorial and ceremony. Please request any specific song or musical track preferred.
  • Additional Photography – this deluxe photographic includes the standard photos as well as additional images and drone arial shots.
  • Champagne Toast – what could more a more fitting and respectful send-off for your loved one than a raising glasses for a toast to celebrate an invigorating life lived well. Poems and/or personally written statement encouraged.
Certificate of Scattering of Ashes at Sea FOOTPRINTS

* Burial-at-Sea Certificate – includes the full name (and nickname or honorifics as requested) of your loved-one, the date and time of the Scattering of Ashes, the exact nautical coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) of the spreading location and the signature of the officiant (Captain) and witness. Please ask for any special requests. < CHOOSE >

Certificate of Scattering of Ashes at Sea SUNSET
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