When you have children, planning the right vacation becomes that much more difficult. It is no longer just about staying somewhere relatively safe with good places to party nearby, but rather about finding the right kind of things for the entire family to do together.

While some places make this hard, The Virgin Islands are more than accommodating when it comes down to planning a fun family vacation that will have your kids happily recounting their adventures to their friends.

Depending on how old they are and what interests they have, there are many thrilling opportunities for kids on these islands.

Get Your Vacation On At The Beach

Even if you live by a beach at home, there is something truly special about the beaches on these islands. The way that the warm and clean sand mixes with the gentle blue waters makes it an idyllic way to pass time. These beaches offer all kinds of fun activities for kids including swimming, snorkeling, and more. There is enough room and space for older kids to enjoy the water while younger ones, practice making sand castles and spying all the wonders under the sea.

Visit Hidden Worlds with Snorkeling

For kids who are old enough to swim, snorkeling can be an amazing opportunity. Young minds absolutely love exploring the secret worlds under the sea as they watch schools of fish swim by and see all of the beautiful coral that is hidden beneath the surface of the water. You may even swim with the sea turtles and if you get really lucky, possibly an occasional dolphin. This is a great opportunity for kids as young as five as long as they are strong swimmers. You will of course want to make sure that your kids are safe and stay close to you because water can be unpredictable, but this is an experience that kids tend to absolutely love.

virgin islands sailing kids snorkeling with sea turtles

Explore The Island Paradise with A Hike

The Virgin Islands are actually home to plenty of beautiful trails that allow you to explore the lush greenery covering these island beauties. The trails themselves vary in length and intensity, but they offer a unique chance for children to see a completely different side of nature. As your kids wander through the tall trees and listen to all of the life around them, they will feel like they have been teleported to a new world. This is a great option for kids of any age!

kids playing on a catamaran virgin islands

Conquer The Ocean in Your Very Own Vessel

Boating is a great opportunity for families to get out on the water together and enjoy some serious bonding time. You can try something simple and lowkey like kayaking with your young ones in a two-seater kayak or head out in a Virgin Islands-based Powerboat that you charter to show your kids just how beautiful the open ocean can be. Of course, being the ‘Sailing Capital of the World’, there’s almost nothing better than getting on the open-sea on a Sailboat or Sailing Catamaran in the Virgin Islands. While kayaking might not be the best option for small kiddos, you can get children of any age out on a powerboat or sailboat for some fun under the sun!


If you have been experiencing any hesitation about bringing your family to the beautiful Virgin Islands, let us be the first to say that you should absolutely get those kids here. There are so many sights, sounds, and wonders to behold that it is a perfect place to take growing minds. Let your kids learn about the world and explore in a way that they might not get to at home. You will be glad that you did.