Everyone knows that the best part of any cruise is always when you dock at a vibrant new location and venture off on your excursions. Excursions are fun activities that can be purchased and planned online or through the services provided by your cruise ship. They offer you a unique chance to venture out into new lands and make some memories. St Thomas Island is one of many popular stops that is filled with some amazing excursions, a few of which we have compiled for you.

Sailing and Snorkeling

It would be patently tough to find anyone who has visited the glorious island of St Thomas and not come away with the fact that sailing and snorkeling have to be on the top of your MUST-DO list. With so many World-Class beaches like Megans Bay, Coki Beach, Sapphire Beach, Lindquist Beach and of course award-winning Secret Harbour, it’s no wonder it’s the favorite pastime. And the best way to get to these stunningly gorgeous beach spots is of course by sailboat. Zunzun Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa is your very best option. Known for its creature-comforts and lots of room to roam, Zunzun is a newer-style catamaran that gets you and your crew to any beach or snorkeling spot in St Thomas in style and luxury!


This once in a lifetime experience is a fun chance to see this island from a whole new view. You can spend your time flying through the sky as you look down at the tiny islands, cays and bays below and let all of your worries soar away in the wind. You will absolutely love this thrilling joyride that lets you enjoy time alone or with a partner as you climb high into the sky!

St. Thomas Rum and Food Tour

If you’re an adult party looking to enjoy a little time with some food and drinks on this island paradise, this tour is a great way for you to spend time off of your cruise ship. It offers you the unique chance to sample local cuisines and island favorites while you enjoy chilled drinks that are made to give you the absolutely perfect buzz. You will stumble back onto your cruise ship happy and full!

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Beginner’s Scuba Diving

For the people who have always wanted to try scuba diving and are feeling adventurous, plenty of different excursions exist to help make this dream come true. You can enter a quick beginner’s course and then venture out into the water with a guide who will show you all of the best places to go. This is an exciting way to explore the ocean and pick up a valuable new skill within a few hours! Very Best way to get started is to reach to the fine folks at Aqua Action Dive Center at Secret Harbour located on the eastend, St Thomas

Massage Spa

It’s a little-known fact that the quickest way to decompress and destress on vacation is to get relaxing massage as early into your holiday as is possible. Obviously, that hold especially true when visiting the tropics. No doubt you don’t want to fall prey to the old adage: “I need a vacation from my vacation” so be sure to get that massage early – so you can truly enjoy =the rest of your time away. Most recommended and highest rated Spa is actually a Floating Massage Spa located anchored in the bay at Secret Harbor: Zunzun Sailing Yacht:

Snorkel at Turtle Cove

A fan favorite for excursions on beautiful islands is always snorkeling, and St. Thomas has plenty to deliver in that regard. You and your family can head over to Turtle Cove to spend some time swimming with local wildlife for a once in a lifetime experience. You will enjoy coasting through the warm and beautiful waters while also getting a solid workout in for the day!


St. Thomas island is an absolutely beautiful place to visit that has plenty to offer locals as well as guests. When you step off of your cruise ship and venture out across this island, you will be sad to realize that you only have a short amount of time to spend there. This idyllic location will make you wish that you had just booked a full week with its sandy beaches and beautiful water. Excursions can help you to see the best parts of the island in a short amount of time, so you never feel like you missed out on a great adventure. As time passes, more excursions become available, so always keep an eye out for any new opportunities that might present themselves!