St Thomas still remains one of the best places to vacation in the Caribbean. If you have booked a vacation or holiday there you can prepare yourself for magnificent beaches, lots of sun and surf and of course friendly locals who are welcoming and who will show you all the best spots on the island. As you plan your trip you must not forget to include a day trip on the water, and there is no better way to do that than with ZunZun Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa. This is one of the best luxury charter boat companies for day sailing in St Thomas and it has lots to offer whether you are travelling alone or in a group

Create the Kind of Day You Choose

With ZunZun Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa you are able to tailor your time on the water the way you want. You can choose how long you want to stay on the water – massages onboard while in a gorgeous bay or harbor, a full day of sailing and snorkeling, or even a romantic sunset sail. You can also choose from a variety of spa service choices- you can go for the full package (highly recommended), or you can select from a menu and specialty packages.

virgin islands sailing kids snorkeling with sea turtles

Lots of Choices and Options

Offering relaxing Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Warm Stone, Pain Eradication Therapy, Reflexology and more. If you are not interested in the spa services you can book the yacht for time out on the water and snorkeling the very best spots around the US Virgin Islands.

zUNZUN SAILING from above

Experience Really Does Mean Something

Each Virgin Islands Day Sailing charters are skippered by Coast-Guard certified Captains, Experienced first-mates and full-days tours are fully catered – you get delicious meals and endless drinks provided on-board so you can fully relax because you are completely serviced and taken care of each tour. Plus, also about specialty events, corporate parties, weddings, scattering of ashes and far more fun and exciting activities on our yachts.


There is no shortage of places to visit with your day sailing Virgin Islands vacations – there are dozens of small islands & cayes, harbors and coves which are quite close to and surrounding St Thomas and all of them have lots to offer. Be sure to book now and get assistance with designing an exciting plan of super-fun places to visit and get ready for a day packed full of fun and adventure.